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Black Board Jungle are a mainstay Band in the Event Industry.

They have been the center point for hundreds of Private, Corporate and memory making events in Alberta and BC.

Now,  what we can do for you?


Black Tie + Formals

Wedding Bands aren't what they used to be, and neither are Black Tie Affairs.  

But, for a truly memorable event, you still want it classic and tasteful, one where you and your guests can connect, celebrate and have a great time!  In saying that ... you've got to have a live band.

Whether they're playing a two-step or Bruno Mars; without a Live Band there is just no focal point, which makes for a bleak looking hall and no live vibe

Without either of those your event runs the risk of going flat. But hey ... If you're looking at this site then you already know that right?

Go Live or Go Home !

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Parties + Celebrations

Whether it’s a Birthday, Anniversary Product Launch, Charity Event, Holiday Celebration, Appreciation Party or Reunion, we're there. 

We make a point of reading the crowd all night and flipping song lists as we see fit just to keep your party going.   And where ever and whenever possible - we get your crowd involved to make the whole event personal.

Nothing makes us happier than a crowed dance floor and a mob of people singing at the top of their lungs - that is our number one goal at every event!

Its All About The Crowd !


 Outdoor + Festival

Whether its a Barn Raising, Hoe Down, Track Meet, Festival or a Town Celebration -  Playing outdoors is fine with us, in fact we love playing in fresh air!

The only consideration of course is rain coverage - just in case! If you are having to "make" your outdoor venue and are also having to supply the lights and sound [production] not to worry. 

Our Lighting system delivers heavy saturation [rich in colour] so it looks great  during the daytime as well as night, and our sound system will easily give you the coverage you need - unless you're building a stadium !!!

 Fresh Air Cool !